OMBC Works to Enhance Mountain Biking Around Mount Hood


This summer the Oregon Mountain Biking Coalition began a collaborative process with several other human-powered outdoor recreation organizations in hopes of preserving and enhancing existing trail access around the Mt. Hood National Forest. This work also includes efforts to develop new trails, and restore degraded ecosystems and cultural resources. 

As populations rise, the Mt. Hood National Forest has seen rapidly increasing usage of many trails, campgrounds, lakes, rivers and ski areas; turning it into one of our nation's true ‘urban forests’. As we prepare to step into the third decade of this century, these increasing pressures dictate we focus on developing innovative and collaborative measures by which we conserve, steward and restore the landscape around Mt. Hood.

The OMBC’s goal is to expand the Mt. Hood National Recreation Area in addition to adding new trail connections in the Waucoma, 15 Mile and Upper Clackamas Basin. We are also working to advocate on behalf of new hiking trails and climbing access and ensure that paddles have pristine rivers and clean lakes to enjoy.

This work has been guided by several years of feedback from mountain bikers in Sandy, Hood River, Portland and elsewhere around the mountain. Keep an eye on our website and social channels as we look forward to keeping members around the state abreast of the progress. 

Gabriel Tiller