Do you value transparency on our Public Lands? ACT NOW to preserve our environmental review process.


Protect NEPA Public Comment Process

If you or your local trail organization has ever proposed a trail on public lands you know what a frustrating process NEPA, or the National Environmental Policy Act, can be. But this process is what ensures the multiple uses of public lands are balanced and negatively impact each other as little as possible. Any time a MTB group, a mining company, or a logging operation proposes a project on public land all of us—public land owners—are given the chance to comment.

The US Forest Service is proposing the elimination of this comment period from about 93% of all projects on Forest Service managed lands.

But (ironically!) before this sweeping change can be made they are required to hear public input. Public comments on these proposed changes can now be submitted through August 26. The folks at Outdoor Alliance have created a super quick and easy way to submit your comments.

Submit Your Comment & Protect NEPA here!

It takes less than a minute, you can do it! And from all 620,000 of us passionate about off-road cycling in Oregon—THANK YOU!

Gabriel Tiller