Mountain Bike Legislative Day FAQs


We know that the idea of meeting with your representatives can feel like a daunting task, but we’re going to make sure that attending this Legislative Day is a fun and easy way to help protect the trails you love. In hopes of taking the mystery out of Legislative Day, here are answers to some of the questions the Oregon Mountain Biking Coalition (OMBC) has been asked about the event so far.

Why should I register in advance?
We can only schedule meetings with your legislator when we know constituents from your district will be present and legislators' schedulers require advance notice. We greatly appreciate you committing to attend in advance!

Can talking about legislation be fun?
Your elected officials want to hear from you, and will be excited you are there! Remember that you’ll be talking about mountain biking, not necessarily about laws. This is also a great chance to meet other mountain bikers from across the state (without a helmet on!) and show enthusiasm for the 1st annual Oregon MTB Legislative Day. Plus you get to be an active part of the democratic process and maybe learn something new.

Does it really matter if I meet with my representative? I can't make a difference.
It does matter! Outdoor recreation means business here in Oregon and mountain bikers are poised to show their economic, social and environmental impact. There is no way your representatives can be experts on everything, and often they rely on constituents to help shape their priorities.

Do I have to meet with my representative by myself?
When we schedule meetings for Legislative Day, it is generally one meeting per office. That means your meeting would be you and anyone else who signed up from your district. Ask a riding buddy to sign up and join you in Salem for the day if you want to ensure you’re not alone. If you are the only one from your district, one of the OMBC Steering Committee members will try and be on hand if you want.

I didn't vote for my representative, will they still listen to me?
Yes! Your elected representatives work for everyone who lives in their district. (But maybe don't lead with the fact that you didn't vote for them at your meeting).

Do I have to be an issue expert? I don't know anything about how the budget works.
You definitely don't have to be an expert! Sharing your personal trail experiences and passion for mountain biking with your representatives is all you need to come equipped with. The OMBC will supply the rest.

Are most people who will come to this event retired? I have to work that day.
We hope to get a mix of mountain bikers from all walks of life at Legislative Day. While some attendees are retired, others have chosen to take the day off work or school because they feel strongly about keeping trails open, or getting funding for more trails. If you can't take the day off work, we will have other ways to make your voice heard.

What should I wear?
Professional work attire is appropriate. You want to make a good impression during your meetings, so dress in a manner that shows respect for the office. You don't need a suit, but slacks and a nice shirt are fine. There may be some walking involved, so wear comfortable, water-resistant shoes.

What should I bring?
We recommend bringing your ID, reusable water bottle, and a pen and notebook if you'd like to take notes. OMBC will provide coffee and a light breakfast, but please bring a lunch or snacks for later in the day. There are also several cafeterias on the capitol campus that will be accessible to attendees who wish to purchase lunch.

Is parking available?
Parking is available around Salem, but we recommend bringing cash or card if you plan to park on the Capitol campus.

So how do I sign up?
Visit the event page!


Matthew Weintraub